The right track

While Mr. Ullenbruch is entitled to his support for my opponent, it is inappropriate for him to spread an outright fabrication. Mr. Ullenbruch has heard me speak publicly and repeatedly at Board of Supervisors’ meetings regarding the need for careful and thoughtful planning regarding economic development and a comprehensive approach to our water options, as well, the detailed letter I sent on July 13 to the Board and county leadership outlining my concerns regarding the various county water needs.
Mr. Ullenbruch received this letter and responded directly to me. The letter lists 10 reasons why not addressing the need for economic development and providing appropriate infrastructure will potentially create a negative fiscal spiral for the county. I also requested that the county “make every effort prior and where applicable during the public hearing to inform the public, not only about the Aqua offer but to also provide ”what if scenarios” and input those variables into a variety of ROI scenarios that provide a comprehensive view of the various different water options that we are exploring.”
I am committed to getting Fluvanna back on the right track. If elected, I will follow my own recommendations to engage the community and find the best solution to drive smart economic development. Negative politics and scare tactics, as displayed by Mr. Ullenbruch and my opponent, have failed Fluvanna! I am confident that Fluvanna voters want leaders that know Fluvanna’s success is paramount, not those who play Washington style politics.
Please post this letter, and my original letter to ensure proper clarification of my position as Mr. Ullenbruch, has made this a public matter, through his careless and distorted remarks. The county letter can be found at:

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