Palmyra rezoning issue

1) No proffered plan of development – There does not appear to be firm plans to construct the use requested by the rezoning – this is indicated by the lack of a proffered plan of development. Other than a few uses proposed to be proffered out, any B-1 use could be considered. Lack of a specific proposal means specific proffers regarding how the development of the property will tie to the goals of the Comprehensive Plan will be difficult to submit because it is not known how the site will actually be developed in the future.
2) No connection to Palmyra – As proposed, the application in its layout and architectural design has no relationship to Palmyra. The Comprehensive Plan calls for growth in Palmyra to occur at a village scale with economic development complementing existing conditions without compromising Palmyra’s underlying natural and social fabric. The adopted Comprehensive Plan speaks to various elements that should be considered when development occurs in Palmyra. Several of these elements are listed below.
a. Streets should include pedestrian elements and buildings should be oriented towards the road with surface parking to the side or rear off building shielding it from main roads and sidewalks;
b. Burying utility lines and installing street lamps is recommended;
c. Enhancing the pedestrian network by improving access and coordinating pedestrian improvements with streetscape enhancements and traffic-calming measures is also recommended; and
d. Installing a median and/or welcome signs on Rt. 15 into the village is recommended.
Our family does not find any of the above items addressed by this proposal. Please join our family in firmly requesting the developer heed the desires of Fluvanna’s adopted Comprehensive Plan at the Board of Supervisor’s public hearing on Wednesday, Feb. 19.


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