Parking problems

Upon confronting these people and asking them to move their cars and to refrain from using my drive, I have been told the end of the driveway is part of the right-of-way and they can use it if they want to do so. One person threatened to call the police which I encouraged her to do, and I was even called a racist.
On three occasions I phoned the police and was told this is a Lake-wide problem, happening at many bus stops. An officer came to my corner one morning, driving around the area and no one used the driveway while he was there. This suggests that people must know it’s not the proper thing to do. For those who are not aware that this is a problem for some home owners, I hope this letter will bring that to their attention.
I give thanks to those who park along the streets – they are very respectful, there is no littering and no noise problems and I appreciate it.

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