Build bridges

It is now cliché within mainstream Republican circles: If the Republican Party wants to be politically viable in the future, it must win over Hispanic voters. But Kenney’s grinning ingratiation shown the Latino visitors (on the video) is pathetic. That is not the way to win Hispanic voters.
So far, Latino support for Republicans has been elusive, and Latinos have traditionally voted overwhelmingly Democrat. But the GOP need not lose hope: just look to Texas.
In February 2014, Gallup unveiled a poll that found in the Lone Star State, more Hispanics identify themselves as Republican than in the country as a whole. Nationwide, Democrats hold a 30 percent advantage among Hispanics over Republicans. But in Texas, that number is just 19 percent.
So why is Mr. Kenny wasting time working on the perceived impedances of nativism. Instead Kenney needs to look and learn from other states on how to build bridges with Latino voters. And he needs to tone down the rhetoric against Republican party members.

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