SOL tests

State Superintendent of Instruction Dr. Patricia Wright has publicly questioned this practice. In an interview she stated, “How many diagnostic tests, benchmark tests, SOL prep tests do you need to give? I would challenge school divisions to reassess their level of local testing in preparation for the state testing.” She is clear in her recommendation to reduce testing. Why has Fluvanna ignored this recommendation?
A group recently met to discuss this issue with Fluvanna School Superintendent Gena Keller. She indicated that Carysbrook Elementary and Fluvanna Middle School are classified respectively as a focus school and a school that is accredited with warning, and the students at those schools are required to take progress-monitoring assessments. Students currently participate in two progress monitoring assessments, MAPS tests (12 a year) as well as Interactive Achievement pre- and post- tests (eight a year). When asked if the state required more than one progress monitor, Mrs. Keller was not sure but offered to set up a meeting with the county’s director of testing and accountability.
Searching for answers, our group contacted Dr. Kathleen Smith, director of the office of school improvement for the State of Virginia. Dr. Smith indicated that only one progress monitor was necessary, and more importantly, that only the students who failed the SOL tests were required to participate.
If your child is passing SOL tests, they are unnecessarily participating in several progress monitoring assessments that are not state requirements. If you are concerned, please join us as we work to encourage the current administration to align the amount of tests students take with state requirements in order to increase instructional time and the opportunity for authentic learning activities.

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