Correcting misinformation

The remaining three-quarters of the space supports activities/wants/needs brought forth by LMOA members during the survey/town hall process that brought us to where we are today. These include a grill/pub and additional meeting space to support the many groups (such as Boy/Girl Scouts, LMOA social clubs, local service clubs) that want to but sometimes can’t meet in LMOA facilities due to lack of space.
There is also the need to correct significant ADA and life safety issues in the current building. These include non-compliant restrooms, a deck that cannot be used because it isn’t strong enough and lack of proper fire escapes. Add to these the recent fire in the restaurant caused by aging wiring and it is clear, at least to me and many others, that the building must be replaced.
There can certainly be honest disagreement on whether the new building goes beyond our reasonable needs/wants but characterizing it as a golf clubhouse is misleading.

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