A sense of community

Thank God that we have the leadership who see what needs to be done. But, then, we have those who have that not in my backyard syndrome. Since they don’t use this amenity or that amenity, they don’t want to pay for these neighborhood improvements. They are not proud to support golf, but give them dog parks, walking paths, volleyball, and horseshoe pits they are happy as a lark. They don’t even want to recognize that the new facilities at Bunker Boulevard are for everyone that, by the way, living here at Lake Monticello entitles you to use. Why not upgrade this 50 plus-year old facility to some place you would be proud to bring your friends to eat or socialize or even play golf?
Ok folks, let’s get the big picture and get away from dividing Lake Monticello. Let’s see the quality of life that brings people to make a home at the Lake. It is being wanted as a neighbor. It is being a community! And all for 26 cents a day or the cost of half a candy bar.!

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