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Many agricultural producers do use the services and information from the state and federal government. To insinuate that we are less productive than we would be otherwise is just insulting. One of the best programs is fencing out streams and creeks to protect our water ways. We take farm land out of production in order to do this. In the end these conservation practices are for the greater good and thus express a small bit of our civic responsibility. Not to mention that the productivity of our farms doesn’t have much to do with real estate taxes.
Ms. (Christina) Guseman’s primary point in the article is that the higher the value of a house, the higher the tax collected on that house. So, Mr. James, why don’t you spend some time figuring out how to raise the value of your house so you can pay more taxes? It seems to me that would bring about a greater gain for the community than to try to shift the tax burden to those who don’t use the same services as you.
And wouldn’t you rather have your food raised by an American farmer?

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