Fix the facilities

The amenities at LMOA were never intended to be profitable. Nowhere in the governing documents is there any mention of profit. The documents simply reference providing “recreational facilities and amenities…such as golf courses, swimming pools, tennis courts and all types of indoor and outdoor accommodations and recreational facilities” (chapter one of the articles of incorporation of LMOA). The amenities were intended to enhance the value of property of all LMOA members. Rundown or inadequate facilities reduce the attractiveness of the community and have a negative effect on the value of all properties. Up-to-date and code-compliant facilities enhance the value of all properties. (Let’s not forget the upgrades construction of tennis courts, basketball courts and picnic/park areas are a part of the R&R project.) It broadens the field of prospective buyers which enhances value. Compare LMOA enhancements to any homeowners’ association in the area which contain no amenities.
LMOA dues are lower than for associations with comparable amenities.
I suggest a careful reading of the R&R process recorded on the LMOA website and an objective consideration of how a yes vote is in the best interest of our community.

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