Agriculture and taxes

Which brings us to the subject of economic development. There is a myth that transferring taxes through having economic development will lower taxes to the people. While this may be true in the short term it would not appear to be true in the long term. Economic development involves people and people create the need for taxes. If you say that you favor economic development so that our children have a place to work or because you have a business that you would like to have more customers for that is okay. However if you believe economic development is the answer to the tax problem then I also know someone that would be glad to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. I challenge someone to show an example of economic development that has lowered taxes and passed the test of time in this regard.
The only answer to the tax problem is population limitation and wise frugal government. Otherwise we will experience more growth in government. I would also like to see this paper publish a listing of all of the new governmental departments and offices that exist now as compared to 1978.

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