They say untruths

They say that new facilities will require huge funds to maintain them in the future. However, part of the $95 a year dues increase was designated for just that reason. They say we shouldn’t be spending down the Emergency Reserve Fund because they worry about the loss of the most important facility at the lake – the dam. There should be no worry here, the dam is fully certified and will soon have insurance to cover the dam and any downstream liability should a disaster occur. They say we should not be spending Emergency Reserve Funds on the renovation and replacement of our two most important facilities at the Lake. What are we holding on to these funds for, a rainy day? With our lack of compliance to the Americans with Disabilities Act and the deterioration of our facilities, the rainy day is here. They say they have a better plan. A plan developed by a few people in a back room without input from the community and poorly thought out. They say, they say, they say; but nothing they say is true. Vote for the truth, vote yes for the R&R.

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