Better solutions available

The Board of Directors is not taking into account other expenses that may arise. Even if the dams are insured, the dams will need annual maintenance which is not covered by insurance. The Tufton Dam Emergency Spillway could cost up to $5 million to repair. Dam insurance will not pay for this repair. The dam on Hole 18 of the golf course may become regulated. Dam insurance won’t cover those expenses. The Roads Reserve presently has $1.7 million. This will cover about 20 percent of the cost to maintain the 62 miles of roads at LMOA. Jefferson needs to be repaved and the cost will be approximately $1 million which will leave $700,000 in the reserves. That doesn’t leave money for the rest of LMOA roads.
The Board’s proposed plan has serious pitfalls. There are better solutions.
Not voting is a yes vote. Your vote counts, vote no to the LMOA Board proposal.

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