Brown for clerk of the circuit court

Rovelle Brown’s platform focuses on automating the office operations through the use of computer technology to make internal documents paperless. (Files are already creating storage and access problems within the office.); Expand the current public internet service accessibility with better instructions; Utilize electronic filing of legal documents for criminal justice stakeholders and the public; Allow circuit court arrest warrants to be scanned for easier and error free processing; Keep accurate, automated financial records for error free audits.
These methods are in use by large jurisdictions and can be adopted here. They reduce the workload of the current staff, reduce file storage and office space, and reduce staff size to support the same service requirements.
This is the plan that Rovelle Brown has chosen for office modernization and if implemented will save taxpayer money. Brown is a modern, forward thinker with the right background to take the office of the circuit court clerk into the 21st century.

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