Eager for a better supervisor

Concerned citizens were unable to appeal to our Supervisors to stop the runaway train of this type of financial recklessness, and to convince Mr. Moss and Gooch to keep building costs under control.
Due to this and other wasteful financial decisions, our real estate tax rate has risen astronomically to 89 cents/$100, the highest in central Virginia, while Louisa County is only 64 cents/$100. Equally bad, Fluvanna’s personal and business property tax rates have risen to an eye watering $4.35/$100, while Louisa is $1.90/$100. Worse still, our land use taxes have also doubled in the past three years. Annual debt service is over $7.5 million per year!
Louisa County is a model of financial common sense. Why would a new business ever locate in Fluvanna? We are uncompetitive with Louisa because our real estate and business tax rates are too high.
Mr. Gooch wants to be re-elected so he can help run a multi-million dollar water pipeline to Ferncliff and eventually to Zion Crossroads at taxpayer expense, with little benefit to Fluvanna. Fluvanna County cannot bear any more bad decision-making that continues this explosive upward spiral in our tax rates.
Trish Eager will help Fluvanna better manage spending, bring new business by lowering our taxes, improve quality of needed services, while maintaining excellent education.
Please vote for Patricia Eager for Palmyra Supervisor on Nov. 3. Your vote counts!

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