Governing around the people

No public hearing was granted when the interjurisdictional agreement was put on the supervisors’ agenda for a vote three times two years ago, on Sept. 4 and 18 and Oct. 2, 2013 – and that was before citizens knew it would cross their land, raise their taxes, threaten historic grounds, let Louisa declare eminent domain on Fluvanna properties, and commit Fluvanna to millions in additional infrastructure and sewerage costs. Surely, citizens should be able to speak out now.
The uncomfortable truth is that supervisors gutted your right to a public hearing on these important issues two years ago when they signed the interjurisdictional agreement. Your input isn’t relevant now – unless you care to comment on zoning.
Welcome to the new world of Fluvanna: Governing by contract. Contract away the people’s right to a public hearing on one of the most important issues in county history affecting their land and their taxes. Contract away future supervisors’ voting options and duties to act as the people’s representative.
Remember Lincoln’s ideal – government “of the people, by the people and for the people”? Seems Fluvanna has devised another way to govern – around the people.

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