The real FSPC

Through my family and work, I have followed the shelter since its beginning, and I have experienced shelters across the country. I am very proud of the new programs, strengthened policies, and overall improvements which have been enacted by the current board, staff, and volunteers. Even with my nonprofit background, I am amazed by the level of commitment, professionalism, integrity, and accomplishment at the FSPCA in 2015. There is ongoing growth in training, evaluation, enrichment, medical care, spay-neuter programs, transport, outreach, and communication.
The Fluvanna SPCA can’t do everything that needs to be done without our community’s continuing support. The FSPCA I know is a caring, dedicated group of people who listen, learn, and work extremely hard to do what’s right. Our Fluvanna community thrives through commitment, respect, and working together. I am proud of the work being done at the shelter – it’s not easy, but it matters. I hope you’ll take the time to truly know this organization, and the people who work and volunteer here – please join with us as we work to make a real, and lasting, difference in our county.

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