Fluvanna Faces: Gary Greenwood

By Harvey J. Sorum

Are you a native of Fluvanna County?  If not, what brought you here?

I moved from Washington D.C. in 1981 because I wanted to be a country boy.  I wanted a big garden. My latest adventure is growing mushrooms using recycled coffee grounds from Dunkin’.  

Tell us about your family.

My most important life events were marrying Kikky and watching our boys grow up and become outstanding people.  The oldest is a teacher and football coach in Colonial Heights.  The youngest was on the Olympic bobsled team and is now working for a company that trains and rehabs athletes in Denver.  My stepson works at the women’s prison in Fluvanna.  Kikky is retired from Fluvanna County Parks and Recreation.

What do you teach?

I teach economics and personal finance. My students learn everything they will need in life – banking, credit, insurance and more.  My whole course is on my website, https//www.oldmanmoney.com.

Any hobbies?

I really don’t have time for hobbies what with running my farm, gardening, and growing mushrooms.

What is your source for coffee grounds?

Dunkin’. Tractor Supply is a drop off point for coffee grounds. Also, the community garden at Pleasant Grove.

What is typically done with coffee grounds?

As I mentioned on Channel 29 a few days ago when interviewed, 60 metric tons of coffee grounds are dumped into the landfills every year. What a waste.  Coffee grounds make an excellent substrate for growing mushrooms.  They are not a great fertilizer because some plants don’t like them. You have to be careful using them around plants. If your readers want to know more about mushrooms, they can go to www.thefungusfellow.com.

Any favorite books or movies?

Best movie ever: Labyrinth. It’s a 1986 musical fantasy film.

Any regrets in life?

I have done triathlons and my last race was a disaster. Injury. Poor training. I would like to end that phase of my life on a high note.  I will get back to doing one more race.

What have been the most important events in your life?

I was a state body building champion in my 50’s.  Kikky and I finished second as a couple at the nationals for body building. 

My lesson plan that won first place was on turning a classroom into a business.  I pay my students classroom cash to work for me.  They then use that cash to pay their rent, insurance, an informational access fee, and other classroom expenses.

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